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Q. Are your plates authentic or reproductions?
A. All my plates are 100% authentic issued by the state. I never deal in reproductions. Some of the older plates may have had work done to them, but these are clearly indicated in the listing. Some will be listed as "repainted", "amateur repaint", "very nice repaint" "touched up" etc along with "older restoration", and these plates were in this condition as I found them. Plates indicated as "Restored" were personally done by myself under Plates that don't have any of the above descriptions are 100% original.
Q. How soon do you ship after purchase?
A. I ship six days a week personally at the local post office. I ship priority box mail. Delivery takes between 1-3 days depending on your location. Purchases made before 2pm EST will be mailed that day.

Also, I email a thank you note soon after purchase, then another email supplying tracking number once mailed. My goal is to offer you the best customer service in the license plate sales business. All my plates have been cleaned, and will arrive wrapped in newspaper in a plate sleeve. The box is carefully packed using newspaper for cushion. I never use Styrofoam peanuts. I receive complements all the time on my packaging of plates.
Q. I see some plates are marked YOM. What exactly does that mean?
A. YOM stands for Year of Manufacture, which in a nutshell means; currently 45 states allow YOM registering of the old plates to the vintage vehicles. Say you have a 1940 Ford, you can register 1940 plate(s) to that car. Each state has different guidelines, requirements, rules and regulations. Some states are real easy to register YOM, and some states are like pulling teeth to get this process done. Why? I have no idea, as it's free additional income to the state. Why make a guy jump through hoops just trying to register his classic car with a vintage era tag when he's trying to give you money? Bottom line, nothing looks better than a classic old car with the same year state issued plate.

On the Georgia and California plates marked YOM, I guarantee these plates to be eligible to register. There's a lot of other plates I have for sale in the store that are eligible for YOM registering in other locales, however I recommend you check with your DMV first before purchasing just to make sure the number is clear and not in use. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me about YOM registering around the country.
Q. Do you only take PayPal?
A. I accept all major credit cards through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account. And if you prefer to send a check, email me a list of the plates you're interested in and I'll mark them sold from my end. Some checks may have a wait period to clear, so a money order or cashiers check will insure prompt shipping once received.
Q. Do you charge a handling fee in your postage?
A. No. I do my best to charge shipping as close to actual cost as I can. Being located in Georgia, I ship to all 50 states, (sorry, no international shipping) so the purchases that are closest to me usually end up paying a little more than the actual shipping. But those on the west coast or northeast I end up eating some of the postage. Usually by the end of the year I spend a couple hundred dollars of out of pocket expense on shipping costs. Don't forgot that shipping is free on purchases over $99.
Q. Ok, I received my plate but am not happy. Now what?
A. I try and represent my tags to the best of my ability in description and in the photo, but if you're not happy, then I'm not happy. Please let me know you'll be returning the plate in the same condition you received it and once returned I'll refund what you paid that day minus the shipping and PayPal fees. Fortunately this rarely occurs.
Q. Do you buy plates?
A. Yes, I'm always looking for inventory for the store, so should you have one or many tags laying around, please shoot me pictures of what you have and I'll be glad to make an offer. Which reminds me to mention to check back often in the store, as plates are constantly being added. If there's a plate in particular you're looking for, let me know and I'll try and help you track it down.
Q. Are you still restoring tags?
A. Yes and no. I'm doing a select few plates these days as I'm sliding into retirement. I'll continue to do Georgia and '63 blackbase California mainly, although occasionally I'll do some other states primarily for clients I've done work for in the past. I'm just taking in plates that have good metal, needing very minimal repair work, as I'm getting picky in my old age. See the restoration page for more details, and have a look at my testimonial page. There's also a nice selection of vehicles on my classic car page that showcase plates I've restored on some really cool cars.
Q. How did you get into license plates
A. It goes back to the mid '50's when I first got the license plate bug. My dad would remove the plates from our car and I'd hang them up in the garage with his assistance on the higher hung ones. Although dad wasn't a tag collector per se, we had a whole wall full of Ohio plates that made a really nice display. I used to go in the garage as a kid and sit for hours just staring at that wall. The colors and numbers were a big fascination to me, and nothing has changed after all these years. Even though I was a collector since the mid '50's (and didn't realize it) plates really became an obsession about 10 years later when I started driving and hanging on to those plates from my cars. I crashed quite a few cars back then. Buddies knew I had an interest in tags so they'd give me their plates, so the collection started quite by accident. I had approximately 600 plates hanging up in our rec room for years, and folks used to smile and just shake their head when they'd come over. My reaction was always, you mean everyone don't have plates hanging up in their house?

Being somewhat of a late bloomer on getting on the internet, (2001) I immediately discovered there were lots of folks really into plates. Prior to this, I honestly thought I was the only guy on the planet into tags. Not long after that, I learned about a license plate club, ALPCA, which I immediately joined. It's opened all kinds of doors, and I highly recommend the club to anyone that shares an interest in plates. License plate collecting IS the greatest hobby on planet earth.

Thank you for visiting my secure license plate store website.

Happy Collecting,

Rod Pearman
Dawsonville, GA
16+ year active ALPCA member #9337
50+ year plate collector