License Plates for Sale currently offers over 3500 license plates for sale and constantly adding more to the online store. I ship to the United States only.

If purchasing a plate for YOM, please read the FAQ page before buying. 

Note: The restoration shop is closed during the summer. I'll be taking in a few restorations beginning Sept.12th. The store is always open.

I'm retiring after 50+ years in the workforce, and ONLY restoring a few undamaged '63 blackbase California and pre '70 Georgia plates. All my free time will be devoted working in the online store selling plates.

This fall, if you're in need of an undamaged '63 blackbase California or an older Georgia plate restoration, you can contact me at 

 ~  15 year active ALPCA member  ~  50+ year license plate collector

Rod Pearman

Dawsonville, Georgia


Plates in store from all 50 states, D.C. & Canada 

Orders over $100 receive free priority box shipping

I ship to the U.S. only